Less than a month after its last firmware update (to build, ASUS' Padfone 2 is getting another incremental bump. The Padfone 2, which we know as the turducken of the mobile world, already got Jelly Bean 4.1.1 in December, so updates hence have naturally focused on the usual performance, stability, and other enhancements. Today's update to build brings, among other things, new camera firmware, improved navigation, and a handful of optimizations. Here's the full change log.

FOTA Update release note for WWE (MR5 release):

  • Improved PadFone 2 & PadFone 2 Station performance and stability
  • Improved 3G/Wi-Fi connection and stability
  • Improved Garmin(TM) navigation system performance
  • Upgraded the camera’s firmware and optimized the camera’s HDR and Automatic White Balance functions
  • Optimized Launcher stability
  • Support of Need for Speed (NFS) games
  • Improved call volume and volume settings
  • Optimized email fonts
  • Optimized Contacts app performance
  • Improved power management system

If you're someone that's toting around a Padfone 2, check for your update, or download the full firmware from ASUS below.

Download: ASUS