Almost one year ago to the day, OneLounder released what is still one of my favorite weather apps: 1Weather. It's a fantastic looking app that delivers useful information about the weather conditions in your area, both current and extended. And, as of today, the app has been updated to v2, which brings a handful of new features to this already-fantastic app:

  • Tablet support
  • Refined UI
  • Optimized radar section
  • Added map pin
  • Improved ongoing notifications
  • Lock Screen widgets

Screenshot_2013-01-21-11-31-21 Screenshot_2013-01-21-11-33-12 Screenshot_2013-01-21-11-33-45

The tablet layout is both intuitive and informative, highlighting the most pertinent information on the main screen: current temp, wind speed, humidity, hourly forecast, and more. Along the right side are the different options for extended forecast, outlook graph, and radar.

Screenshot_2013-01-21-12-27-43 Screenshot_2013-01-21-12-26-03 Screenshot_2013-01-21-12-25-54

It also features support for lockscreen widgets in Android 4.2. There are two different widgets to choose from: the "classic" circular widget, or a a more modern "compact" option. Both give basically the same information, so it's really all about which look you prefer.

Otherwise, the update brings more subtle changes/fixes, like improved notifications, a map pin that shows your exact location on the radar screen, and other general refinements.

1Weather is a free app in the Play Store, but if you'd like to get rid of the ads there's a $2 in-app purchase that can do just that. Hit the widget below to grab it.