Google's stock woes continue into the new year, with Nexus devices in short supply for the official Android hardware vendor. After a brief restock earlier this month, both the 16GB and 32GB versions of the Nexus 10 tablet are completely sold out in the United States Play Store. There's no way to know when more stock will be available, though we wouldn't blame you for hanging on to your hard-earned cash for a new Nexus device at Google I/O. In May.


If you've got your hearts set on the drool-inducing Samsung tablet, don't give up hope: there's always retail outlets. Wal-Mart stores in the United States in particular seem to have sporadic stock of the $500 32GB model. And if you really want to give your wallet a beating, you can try your local secondary marketplaces. Regional Nexus hunters and international readers, feel free to share your woes (or successes) in the comments section.

Update 1/21/13 11pm PST: After about a day and a half of being sold out, both variants are back in stock.

Google Play: Nexus 10 16GB - Nexus 10 32GB