Buying a smartphone is a lot like telling a joke - timing is everything. Purchasing a Galaxy S III a few months ago was probably fine and dandy, but today, everybody sort of knows we're closing in on the next round of product announcements for 2013.

When do I buy? Which announcement do I wait for? Do I buy as soon as my contract expires, or sit on my upgrade until something new comes along? It's easy to get paralyzed into a sort of gadget anxiety - where you never commit to buying anything, because who knows what could be coming next. I admit, it's happened to me more than once. I'm on the verge of clicking that "submit order" button, and I chicken out at the last second. For most people, it's probably not a concern - having the latest and greatest is enough, even if it's only the latest and greatest for a few months. But for us tech lovers, it's serious business.

This year, we'll undoubtedly see a lot of cool new smartphones announced. So what are you waiting on before you drop your hard-earned cash? (The poll answers aren't super specific, so definitely elaborate in the comments section about your choice.)

When are you making your next Android phone purchase?

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