Having multiple devices that need to stay juiced up while you're out and about means that a portable charger should be a standard part of your on-the-go gear. If you don't already have one – or are in the market for a new one – Daily Steals has quite the deal going on a massive 9000mAh battery pack that can charge up to four devices at the same time.


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The primary thing that sets this charger apart from comparable units (aside from being able to handle four devices at once) is that it actually has built-in microUSB and iPhone 30-pin connectors, so you don't have to carry extra cables with you. It also has dual USB ports for charging devices that may not use a standard microUSB port. The right port is 2.1A and the left one 1A.

For today only, you can get this beastly multi-tasker for $29 with free shipping. It seems well worth the money – but you better hurry and grab one before they're gone. For comparison purposes, the same charger is currently listed on Amazon for $45 with an admirable 4.3-star rating.

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