Sometimes using your eyes is just so darn tedious. It can be preferable at times like that to just get information directly through your ear-holes. Radio? Sure. Audiobooks? Alright. News? Surprisingly, yes. Umano is an app that lets you find news stories on the internet and hear them read to you by real people – not some robotic monstrosity that can't even pronounce names correctly.

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The selection in Umano is fairly broad, but not that deep. There's finance, politics, science, and  there's even some tech.  You just won't be able to hear stories from your favorite blog unless it's a very popular site. There is also no search functionality. You just choose your interests and the app queues up what it's got. The quality of the readers varies, but they're mostly guys with deep "radio voices." You can skip stories with the buttons, or scrub through a post with the progress bar. There are also nice Jelly Bean notification controls.

Umano can be used without an account, or you can create one for free to save your preferences. There is also Facebook support if you're into that whole frictionless sharing thing. It's an interesting app to check out over the weekend, and it's totally free.

The app was not found in the store. :-(