Tired of living in TouchWiz's Crayola nightmare on your AT&T LTE GSM Galaxy Note II? CyanogenMod to the rescue yet again - official nightly builds have landed, based on CyanogenMod 10.1. This build will work with the AT&T and T-Mobile Galaxy Note II's in the US, and international versions of the Galaxy Note 2 LTE that are compatible with GSM carriers. Specifically, models GT-N7105, SGH-I317, and SGH-T889. This build will not work with the international Note II 3G (GT-N7100). Support for CDMA versions is still being worked on (sorry, Verizon and Sprint Note II owners).


You can find detailed flashing instructions in this XDA thread, and known issues with the current build here (Bluetooth audio, for example, doesn't work). As you may have noticed, the build name indicates this is an "experimental" release, but that's not actually the case - the developers who submitted the ROM didn't make it quite in time to release the build as a nightly today. Starting tomorrow, though, you'll see that experimental tag vanish.

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