It's that time again, Transformer Pad Infinity owners! The latest incremental update to Android 4.1 is out and ready to flash for US, Japan, China, and Taiwan models, and the international version to boot. You can check your Settings menu for the over-the-air download, or head over to the ASUS download page if you're not seeing it immediately.


So what's new? A few bugs for the camera, Mio map, and movie studio app are fixed, and compatibility with newer MicroSD cards is enhanced. Some incidences of music playback lag have been adjusted, and the Polaris Office suite has been updated for more accurate Turkish display. All in all it's a pretty short list of changes, so if you want to skip the 450MB update, it probably wouldn't hurt.

The full changelog is below, with the Engrish preserved for future generations.

SD card

Improve the compatibility with the latest MicroSD card spec (All SKUs)

Movie Studio

Fix the Issue that some exported Videos cannot be played to the end (All SKUs except CN)

3rd Party AP

Upgrade Polaris Office to 3.5_5r16713FV06 to fix the issue that some Turkish letters display abnormally (All SKUs)

Reduce the incidence that the lower part of the screen would flicker at the Menu Page of Mio Map AP which is downloadable from Google Play Store. (All SKUs)


Fix the issue that switching between built-in camera AP and some 3rd party camera Apps would cause an error message "Cannot Connect to Camera." (All SKUs)


Reduce the incidence that music(local file) which being played in the background would lag when user is switching between different Tabs in Browser (All SKUs)

ASUS - Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T Download Page