It's no secret Motorola has left a bad taste in customers' mouths over the last couple of years. Cancelled OS updates and broken promises have understandably left many owners vowing never to buy a Moto product again. Who can blame them, really – when purchasing a device, it's not unreasonable to expect good support moving forward. Unfortunately, that's just not something Motorola has been able to deliver on in the past.

Of course, when Google officially acquired Motorola Mobility back in May of 2012, we all hoped that would turn the tables for ol' Moto. Naturally, speculation ran wild – rumors of Motorola Nexuses and pure, stock Android devices were all over the Android community. But, given its position, Google knew that it couldn't show favoritism to Motorola, lest it would destroy relationships with other Android partners, like LG, HTC, and Samsung. Needless to say, the company has done an excellent job of distancing itself from Motorola, while still making the necessary changes internally to ensure a prosperous future.

One such move was naming Punit Soni as Motorola's VP of Product shortly after taking over the company. Essentially, this put him in charge of the entire product development process, from "building teams [to] executing to go to market." As one would expect, that hasn't been an easy road for Soni to travel. In a recent statement on his Google+ page, he claimed that "In the 5 months [...], [he] doesn't go through one day when [he] doesn't feel the impact of past promises that were made and couldn't be met." Not to worry, though – he's going to make it right.

In the 5 months I have been on this, I don't go through one day when I don't feel the impact of past promises that were made and couldn't be met. I have said this before: I cannot fix the past. However, going forward, anything we launch, we will support. Any commitment we make, we will follow up.

That's Soni's full statement: a vow to once again make Motorola a respected company in this industry. A promise that, when the company says they're going to do something, it will get done. A commitment to support future devices and give customers what they deserve, what they paid for.

Of course, given the hole that Google is having to dig Motorola out of, it's going to take time. Customers are going to need to be convinced – it's hard for anyone to just forgive and forget, especially when they feel so wronged in the first place. It's definitely a situation to keep an eye on moving forward; it will be interesting  to see customer reactions to the "new" Motorola Mobility once new devices start hitting the scene.

One thing's for sure, though – Punit, we're going to hold you to those promises.

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