If there's one thing to say about the team behind Dolphin browser, it's that they can't be discouraged. Despite the availability of Chrome and Chrome Beta for Android, Dolphin is still going strong – and things like today's update are likely the reason.

The update, which bumps Dolphin up to 9.2.0, brings three fairly major features: one-tap sharing, cross-devices sync (called Dolphin Connect), and built-in Evernote support. But what does that actually mean? Here's a quick breakdown of each:

  • One-tap Sharing: instantly share web pages to Facebook, Twitter, email, or to another device on the same Wi-Fi network with – you guessed it – one tap.
  • Dolphin Connect: Like Chrome's tab sync, only for Dolphin. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari extensions are already available for your sharing pleasure. Not only can you share tabs between devices now, but it also syncs bookmarks. Look out, Google!
  • Evernote/Box support: Now you can quickly and easily clip pages to Evernote or send them to your Box account. That's pretty awesome.

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As if it wasn't already clear before: the Dolphin team means business. Updates like this one are what sets Dolphin ahead of the pack – they're working hard to bring a real desktop browsing experience to the mobile landscape.

[More info: Dolphin Blog]