Wind-Up Knight was one of the first truly great platformers on Android, and now developer Robot Invader is taking on puzzles with a new game called Rise of the Blobs. It's a little bit like a fusion of Tetris and Collapse, but with food. It is up to you to hold off the ever expanding army of blobs as they seek to (presumably) consume your marshmallow hero. I mean, you almost can't blame them – he looks so tasty.

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So your little marshmallow avatar is stuck at the top of a tower with the blobs slowly climbing up the sides, and you have to do something about that. Rotate from side to side and drop fruit to match to color of the blobs and pop them. Your goal is to stay alive as long as possible and complete objectives. Sound simple? Well it only sounds that way. The pace picks up quite fast, and it's a real challenge to get those achievements.

As you play, you'll unlock power-ups and new game modes, but there is also the tantalizing lure of the in-app purchase. Like Wind-Up Knight, Rise of the Blobs makes use of in-app purchases to sell you power-ups and upgrades. However, the game is completely free to try and it looks like you can unlock most of the content through efficient gameplay. This one is definitely worth looking at.

Rise of the Blobs
Rise of the Blobs
Developer: Robot Invader
Price: Free+