If you're an Atrix 4G owner, I've got a case of the feels for you. When the handset came out, it was one of the first pieces of hardware with a dual-core processor and it seemed like it would last forever. So far, though, it hasn't managed to get ICS. We all get burned by manufacturer updates but this one seems particularly harsh. Which is why I'm glad to bring a bit of good news: Motorola appears to be beginning its soak test program for the handset.


A tipster has sent in the above screenshot announcing the program, and a thread on XDA corroborates the story. Given that Motorola hasn't been able to keep its ICS in its pocket (which is a horrible place for an ice cream sandwich, by the way), we expect this soak test will bring Android 4.0 to the handset. Which will at least bring it up to par with late 2011. Assuming everything goes well, we can assume the update will reach the rest of the users in short order.

So, is anyone else part of the soak test? How does it look?

Thanks, anon!