There might be more appealing national networks to run your phone through, but Sprint is hoping to lure in more customers with some free money. A leaked internal Sprint doc indicates that a previously popular promotion is coming roaring back on January 18th. If you meet the qualifications to take advantage of this deal, it can mean big savings on a couple new smartphones.


Before you get too excited, you have to be opening a new account with Sprint, along with the following eligibility requirements:

  • IL [Independently Liable] customers activating 3-5 new handsets [read: phones only] on new lines of service
  • At least one line must be a port-in from another carrier
  • Customers must activate all phones on an Everything Share or Simply Everything Share plan

The independently liable stipulation is just referring to a line that you own, not one handled through an employer. If you've got that taken care of, you will get $400 to apply toward the purchase of phones. While tablets are not included in the deal, and don't count toward the 3-line minimum, customers can purchase a tablet on an additional line and get $100 off. If this deal appeals to you, you've only got until the end of February to take advantage of it.

[Thanks, Anonymous]