Do you use AirDroid? You should. It's a fantastic piece of software. While Google tends to prefer using cloud services to manage your data, there is no central app that can access and change anything on your device. This app fills that need and does so amazingly. It's so great that we gave away 20 invites to the v2 beta recently. Now, the invite-only requirement is gone and it's available to anyone who can download it. Plus, it has some sweet new features you'll want to see.


One of the new features of Airdroid 2 is the ability to remotely access your phone's camera via the web browser. This is awesome. It worked perfectly when I tried it (over WiFi, to be fair) and, of course, I did what every child-at-heart does: I pointed my camera at my computer screen and started waving it around going "Whooooosh!" Of course, more practically, this could be very useful for taking photos and saving them to your desktop. The camera icon allows you to snap a picture which goes directly to your default download location, instead of your phone. Neat.

Additionally, there is a new "Find Phone" feature that allows you to pinpoint your handset's location with whatever information it has available. I tested it with GPS turned on and it found my location immediately. Once I switched GPS off, it continued to show me the last place that it was found at. It's unclear yet how well this would work over the long-term for frequent travelers, but something is better than nothing. Especially for free.

All-in-all, AirDroid is already a fantastic piece of software, and these new features are incredible additions. Of course, this is only what we discovered after a few minutes of fiddling with it and is by no means a comprehensive feature list. If you want to try it out for yourself, you can download the beta here. So, are you finding anything else that's new?

Download: AirDroid v2 APK