Sure, the Tylt Vu sort of looks like it was custom-tailored for a Windows Phone 8 device, but it's also officially our favorite Qi charger after seeing it at CES last week. If you've never used a wireless charger, it's probably not immediately apparent why the Vu is particularly want-worthy. But have no doubt - it is.


The Vu has two distinct advantages over competing chargers. First, it's also a phone stand - you can set your phone on the Vu, and still use it like you would a normal dock, because you can still actually see your phone's screen without having to strain your neck. (I've never understood why single-device charging pads are flat in the first place.) Second, there are multiple inductive charging coils in that sleek frame. That means you can set your Qi-compatible phone on it off-center (to a reasonable degree), in landscape orientation, or even upside-down. We tested all this with a Nexus 4, and it worked like a charm.

The Vu's launch and pricing info are now official: $70, starting April 1st. You can pre-order yours here, if you're already sold on the concept. Just don't be upset if the Nexus 4's wireless charging orb launches in the meantime.

Tylt (pre-order page)