While Android 4.2 may have brought a number of enhancements, it also brought its fair share of issues to the platform. Among those, there has been a real problem with Bluetooth – especially when it comes to A2DP streaming audio. Basically, audio lags and cuts out constantly, making a streaming experience far more frustrating than enjoyable.

Good news, though – Google has just confirmed that this issue will be fixed "in the next release," which should be Android 4.2.2. Here's to hoping this fix also has a positive effect on other Bluetooth devices – like game controllers and the like (most of which simply don't work on 4.2).


Naturally, there's still no word on when this update could hit the scene, but I'm going with "the sooner, the better" as my mantra.

[Android Bug Tracker via Joaquín Fernández Carvajal]