It's nearly that time: the biggest awards show in movies—and in media in general—is set to begin in a little more than a month from now. The Academy Awards will take place on February 24th, but you can download the official Oscars app right now. The surprisingly-well-made-for-a-TV-network piece of software comes loaded with features, including news, photos, videos, and a comprehensive list of nominees for all categories. You can even view the trailers for each movie directly within the app.

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"Of course, the main sections you'll be interested in are the Backstage Pass, which goes live on Oscar Sunday and will have coverage from behind the scenes, as well as a My Picks section where you can make your selections for who you think will win. Obviously, your vote won't actually be contributed. What do you think this is? Something as plebian as the People's Choice? Come, now. Let's not be silly.

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One somewhat frustrating aspect of the app is that if you want to sync your ballot with other devices, you have to sign in with Facebook to do so. Funny, I could've sworn Google provided APIs and a limited amount of storage for just such a need. Oh well. Maybe they use Facebook for sync to stay consistent with other platforms. In any case, unfortunately you can't make ballot selections without logging in to the social network. Which is sure to put some people off, though certainly not quite as many as the Acadamy's choices will.

The app is free on the Play Store right now, and the show starts February 24th at 7PM EST. See you on the red carpet.

The app was not found in the store. :-(