One hundred million – that's a pretty massive number. And it's one that Samsung can now tout as a sales figure for the Galaxy S line as a whole. That's a combined number for the entire series: the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy S III; no other Galaxy phones, like the Note, are included.

The original Galaxy S made its debut in June of 2010, with the Galaxy S II arriving just 10 months later – in April of 2011. Thirteen months after that, the GSIII – Samsung's most popular Galaxy S phone to date – was released.


And now here we are – 2.5 years and 100 million phones later – and Samsung has been clutch in putting Android on the map in a big way. The Galaxy S series could perhaps be some of the most influential Android phones of all time, with many other manufacturers scrambling to keep up, innovate, and compete with what's definitely Android's top-dog.

Congratulations, Samsung – here's to 100 million more.