Flipboard's release last summer was hotly anticipated to say the least. A recent update to utilize the screen real estate of Android tablets bumped the app up another notch, and today's update (to version 1.9.18) puts the icing on the cake. As of today, Flipboard has Daydream functionality for Android 4.2.

Daydream, when it was first introduced, seemed kind of boring (okay, you can look at a lovely animated gradient while charging). The feature was, to put it mildly, more fluff than substance. That said, as a Flipboard user, my opinion of the feature has suddenly shifted. Playing with multicolored jelly beans (while delightful) can now be replaced with actual information.

The settings for Flipboard's daydream are exceedingly simple – do you want to download new items automatically? If so, how? That's it. The actual Daydream action, though, is pleasing – headlines are presented as if you were using Flipboard, but the article's lead image glides up or down behind the words gracefully, before transitioning to the next item.

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If you're a Flipboard user lucky enough to be running Android 4.2, hit the widget below for the update.