If the rather binary choices of blue and white for the current model of the T-Mobile's variant of the Samsung Galaxy S III don't appeal, there's another option available. A Titanium Grey color has popped up on Best Buy's website, at the same subsidized price as the other T-Mobile models, currently $179.99 with a two-year contract and a whopping $700 outright. Just be aware that if you actually buy a T-Mobile Galaxy S III at any time in the next month, your future self may come back Biff Tannen-style and smack you for being so shortsighted.


That's because T-Mobile is finally ready to start rolling out its LTE network, like the rest of the major American carriers, with a launch coming as soon as this month. According to a statement from T-Mobile's Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray just yesterday, a refreshed Galaxy S III sporting an LTE radio will be the first phone to take advantage of the new, speedier network. (T-Mobile's Galaxy Note II will also get a software update to work with LTE bands, just in case owners of the original T-Mobile Note didn't have enough buyer's remorse already.) Even conservative estimates place T-Mobile's LTE rollout in the second quarter of this year.

So in conclusion, Best Buy's got a spiffy new color of the Samsung Galaxy S III for T-Mobile, and if you buy it now, it's quite possible that you will regret it for the rest of your life. Or at least until the end of your upgrade cycle.

Best Buy - Samsung Galaxy S III Titanium Grey (T-Mobile)