Oh, Chameleon launcher. There has been no shortage of you on Android Police. Yet here you are once again, resting comfortably in our spotlight.

I know, I know – many of you are tired of hearing about Chameleon. But this time it's different. Very different. You see, Teknision – the dev team behind Chameleon – is finally showing off the illusive phone launcher. A few weeks ago, they called out to the community for some alpha testers – 25 to be exact. They had filled all those slots in a matter of minutes it seems, proving that you – and so many others – really want to see what Chameleon can do on a phone. Well, here it is:

Yeah, yeah, the phone bit is at the end. I know that. You also got a sneak peek of what they're doing with folders and apps – consider that a bonus.

There's no word when the public beta of Chameleon for phones will hit the scene, but as always, we'll keep you posted. Until then, you can just watch that video over and over, imagining what it must be like to touch it with your very own hands.

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