The middle class is disappearing. The national debt is big enough to fill Cowboys Stadium with hundred dollar bills. Here Comes Honey Boo Boo gets 2.5 million viewers an episode. The future of America looks bleak, folks - so let's celebrate it in point-and-click form. The Great Fusion is an old-school point-and-click adventure in the vein of Leisure Suit Larry, Monkey Island et al. It paints a worrisome picture of the year 2022, when the United States has collapsed and hope for the future is lost. Then it draws a mustache on the painting.

You play Max, a talented but under-appreciated programmer, as he scrapes a living from the dregs of society. You'll be downtrodden, exploited, chased by the Copyright Police, and generally kicked about in the newly class-segregated world. Hand-drawn animation and backgrounds combine with more intuitive touch controls to show why point-and-click games are receiving their long-overdue revival on smartphones and tablets.


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The Great Fusion runs two bucks, but if you're on the fence (and the somewhat sloppy Engrish in the Play Store would be a good reason to stay there) developer Loading Home may release a demo, as they've done with two of their three previous titles.

The Great Fusion
The Great Fusion
Developer: Loading Home
Price: $1.99