Hey Rogers guys – did you think HTC forgot about you? Turns out they didn't, as the Android 4.1 update is making its way to your variant of the One X as I type this. Exciting, no?


The update – which should clock in at around 635MB – brings all sorts of goodies to the flagship device, including Sense 4+, Google Now, Project Butter, and... some more stuff. Unfortunately, there's nary a changelog in sight so we can't tell you exactly what else to expect. In fact, the OTA is so fresh, even Rogers hasn't updated its OS update page just yet. But c'mon – it's a full OS bump, it can't be bad, right?

Head into Settings > Aboot phone to see if it's available on your device. If it is, enjoy! If not, just wait a bit, it should show up soon.

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