We have long speculated what the future will actually be like: flying cars, livable space stations, intergalactic travel will be the norm – you know, all that stuff. Alas, none of those things have quite come to fruition yet, and I doubt they will in my lifetime. What may actually become a thing that we can have, though, is wearable tech. And I'm not talking about smartwatches and the like. I'm talking about intelligent, sophisticated clothing.

Kind of like this insane concept jacket that ScotteVest is showing off at CES:

This is the TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing) Jacket 2.0. It has features that we've never seen before in a jacket (file that under "sentences that I never expected to write"), like built-in, flexible speakers and noise-cancelling microphones; onboard network-enhancing antennas, batteries, batteries, and more batteries; solar plates, and e-ink displays to output current stats. Hell, this thing even sports its own heating/cooling system that can keep you at the perfect temperature – give or take a degree. That's just pure insanity. And I want it. Right now.

Unfortunately, this is just a concept. A way of saying, "hey, look what we can do." As such, there's no price, no release date, no availability info. Nothing. We can't even say for sure if this jacket will ever leave "concept status – but we can sure hope.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go sew a tablet into my Old Navy fleece.