Aren't you jealous that South Korea and Japan get all the cool over-the-air TV gadgets, while we in America are stuck in the stone age with things like "YouTube" and "Hulu"? Well, RCA's got you covered. The company's 8" mobile TV tablet - in TV-optimized 4:3 aspect ratio - is coming to the US in April for just $249, and does both over the air broadcast television as well as Dyle TV, which is also broadcast over the air and provides special content based on your location.

This is managed through, you guessed it, a retractable antenna! Check out our hands-on video below.

The OS was on the sluggish side, and the Dyle TV app wasn't exactly on the ball, either. Going back to the homescreen, then back to the app, consistently resulted in a failure to resume live viewing, and RCA had to force close the app to fire it up again. When it works, though, it works - you get standard definition (360p, we're guessing) television live on the tablet. No login, no mess. And it'll be the first product of its kind to launch in the US. We were concerned with some pretty awful viewing angles, especially vertically - we couldn't even get a decent picture of the screen without pointing the camera at it straight-on.


wm_IMG_1572 wm_IMG_1573 wm_IMG_1574

Overall, the Mobile TV Tablet doesn't feel finished. And given it won't be launched till April, we're hoping RCA has time to iron out the kinks with the software (speaking of, it runs Android 4.0), because as it stands, a lot of work is needed before we'd recommend this $250 investment.