Time to grab the closest energy drink, sit down at your biggest, baddest, multi-monitoriest coding rig and get cracking on some game ideas, devs! Ouya has announced a 10-day competition that will challenge contestants to come up with an Ouya-compatible app from scratch. The shindig gets started on January 14th and from that point, participants will have until January 23rd to submit a playable demo of their original game.

The contest is being put on in partnership with Kill Screen, which will be reviewing the entries. After the initial reviews, some entrants (not all) will even be played by a "team of industry pros" that includes Ed Fries (co-creator of the Xbox) and Felicia Day (no intro needed). There are also going to be $45,000 in unspecified prizes "contributed by some wonderful Ouya supporters." So, chances are the company doesn't have a huge budget for giveaways, but exposure may be the best reward for an aspiring dev.

While the rules haven't been formally introduced, you can get some more info here and here if you have questions. So, who wants in?

Source: Ouya, Killscreen