Okay, so the Google TV world has been a little stagnant lately. Alright, a lot stagnant. But! This is CES! There are plenty of new devices and gadgets and stuff to play with. While LG is on the other side of the show floor showing of its Google TVs (that is, TVs running Google TV), ASUS would like to introduce you to its Google TV box (that is, a box that runs Google TV that plugs into a TV...TV TV TV Google Google TV Google). The distinguishing feature on this one? It's a cube!

qubefront1 qubeback

qubeui qubeui2 qubeui3 qubeui4

Yes, both the box itself and the UI feature cubes everywhere. It feels very reminiscent of Compiz Fusion (is that still what they call it? Dang thing changed names like five times) and certainly catches the eye. Whether or not it will be intuitive for end users remains to be seen, though. Most people don't tend to think in 3 dimensions that easily. Hence why Rubik's cubes are so hard.

Aside from the custom overlay, the unit comes with pretty standard fare. A remote control with a QWERTY keyboard, voice controls (which are pretty much standard in GTV now), and gestures. In terms of hardware, the box features two HDMI out ports, an Ethernet connection, USB, and an IR blaster. The device will retail between $100-120 when it's released at... some point.

ASUS_Qubea ASUS_Qube_remote_fronta ASUS_Qube_remote_backa

Qube with Google TV - Bring the world of entertainment to your TV

Instantly add Google TV to your HDTV with the ASUS Qube. Qube with Google TV offers both motion control and voice search that integrates Google Play, Chrome™, YouTube™in one compact device. With access to over 100,000 movies and TV shows* from Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, plus numerous apps, videos and games from Google Play, ASUS Qubewith Google TV is the perfect media content device.

ASUS has developed the unique Qube interface, which displays functions via a rotating on-screen cube shape. The advanced remote control supports motion sensing for gaming and other applications. Customers can also control Qube with Google TV from their Android smartphones and tablets using the Mobile Remote app, available through Google Play. ASUS includes 50GB of WebStorage cloud space with every Qube with Google TV.

Hands-on via Anandtech