Amazon's AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a hugely important web service that is responsible for much of Amazon's functionality, and plenty of content you look at every day (remember that time Reddit, Flipboard, Netflix, and others simultaneously stuttered in part of the US?). Looking to keep AWS account holders connected to their services and abreast of service health while on the go, Amazon released its official AWS Console app to the Play Store today.

Amazon calls the console a "good companion" to the web interface, and it brings much of the key functionality AWS users will be looking for, from seeing a general overview of your EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) instances and CloudWatch alarms to the ability to stop or reboot EC2 instances, to viewing AWS service health statuses.

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This app certainly isn't for the average user, but for the Android-toting AWS customer, Amazon's console app will certainly come in handy. Just hit the widget below to grab the app for free from the Play Store.

AWS Console
AWS Console
Developer: AWS Mobile LLC
Price: Free