The folks at eBay must love the Nexus 7 as much as we do, because it's been on their Daily Deals page several times now. Today you get another chance to pick up the larger 32GB model of everyone's favorite 7-inch tablet: the Daily Deal is selling it for $228, with free shipping. That's $22 off the retail price, and considerably more if you live in a US state where eBay doesn't have to charge taxes. You'll have to place the tablet in your cart before seeing the reduced price.


Free shipping is a nice bonus, though you can use those savings for overnight  service if you just can't wait. While most all of our readers who want a Nexus 7 have probably got one, this is a pretty good chance for an upgrade if you bought the original 8GB model (which starts to feel a little tight with the latest Grand Theft Auto installed). If you want to take advantage of the deal, hurry up - supplies are probably large, but not infinite. The price will hold until mid-Wednesday.

eBay - Asus Google Nexus 7 32GB Tablet