Okay, so sure, OnLive still exists, but given its financial woes and general instability, it's unlikely that the company will be investing in any new hardware or infrastructure. This is a shame, because NVIDIA just dropped some sweet-looking server racks on us at CES. While it bears more than a little resemblance to the GeForce GRID program, the NVIDIA GRID features the ability to support 24 concurrent users on a single node.

grid1 grid2 grid3

In addition to providing businesses with huge, server-side processing power, the company is also touting a fully-integrated video game streaming system that includes an Android client. On stage at CES, we got to see a demo of Trine 2 being played on an LG TV (directly, not via a box, which is awesome), and then jump over to an Android tablet and pick up the game where he left off with a wireless controller. Okay, sign me up.

grid4 grid6 grid7

Of course, NVIDIA isn't announcing any consumer-facing arm just yet, but the company has announced a litany of partners that it says it will be working with. We'll see how many games get support for the platform, or whether any distributors pick this up. Not for nothing, but...hey, Steam? Can we get your attention over here, please? Just sayin'.

Source: NVIDIA