With CES just days away, we're about to head into a dense week of tech product news. New devices across the board - phones, tablets, accessories, TV's, speakers, cameras, and more. A large chunk of those product announcements will probably, at least in some roundabout way, be relevant to Android.


But it's the phones and tablets I think that we're all most excited for, and that will probably make the biggest bang during this year's show overall. And though we won't see a Galaxy S IV, a Nexus product, or likely anything really game-changing in the Android sphere during CES, there will be products that could shift the balances of power in the mobile universe.

LG is gaining momentum, being the most recent Nexus handset partner, and having released the Optimus G, what I'd argue is LG's first really serious attempt at an Android smartphone. There's growing speculation that LG will release a successor to (or variant of) the G at CES, so they're definitely on our radar.

Sony has all but confirmed (directly and through an absolute mountain of leaks) that it will be launching the Xperia Z at CES, supposedly the company's try at a real competitor to the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. Sony will be holding its press conference on Monday at 5PM PST, so expect the phone (along with other products) to be announced then.

HTC has remained relatively quiet leading up to this year's show, though HTC has never had much of a presence at any CES. HTC prefers to focus its attention on MWC and its own private product announcement events. However, there's been a little less-than-reliable-sounding rumor-mongering suggesting the company might give a sneak peak at its upcoming flagship handset, codenamed M7. We're less than convinced on that front, but it's noteworthy regardless.

Samsung has been all but airtight in the lead-up to this year's show (despite valiant efforts), with nary a word of impending announcements or leaked products. In fact, Samsung itself has already announced three products prior to the show that will be unveiled officially in Vegas, in an effort to avoid getting lost in the tidal wave of tech news the conference generates. My personal guess (with absolutely nothing to back up this hypothesizing) would be that we'll see a new Samsung tablet or two, possibly some kind of new Android companion device or other gizmo, and maybe some interesting smartphone side projects.

But what do you think? Who's going to be the one to watch at this year's CES?

Whose new products are going to be the highlight of CES 2013?

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