I'd like to think that office/home organization is a pretty big deal to most people, because it certainly is to me. Perhaps it's just my nature, but I live by the motto "a place for everything and everything in its place." Then again, I'm a Virgo, so being a freak about things like that is engrained into my very being (or so I've read, anyway). Ergo, I'm always looking for new ways to make things more organized and easier to find.

Enter MODO, on of the coolest modular desk organizers I've ever seen.

This versatile little tool of joy comes to us as a Kickstarter project from B&A Studio, with a little help from our friends at UDS, the makers of CAPTA.

The base of the unit is made of solid bamboo, while the metal rods are aircraft grade aluminum, which makes MODO both light and strong. It offers a virtually endless array of configurations, along with slots for chargers and UBS drives, and a crevice for smaller items. I get tingly with excitement just thinking about all the different options.

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Of course, there's a piece missing in order for MODO to come to fruition: funding. That's why it's on Kickstarter, after all. $26 will score you a MODO once they become available (expected in May of 2013) – head to the link below to help make it happen.

MODO on Kickstarter