Tomorrow, Ron Amadeo and I will begin a pilgrimage. To tech Mecca - aka CES. If you've never been, CES really is like a religious journey of sorts. If you weren't in some vague way obligated or naturally inclined to go, you probably wouldn't. Perhaps that's a little jaded, but ask any member of the tech media, and they'll probably corroborate: CES is fun, it's awful, it's spectacular. Funawfultacular, if you will.

Some people actually just flat-out hate it.

But man, there's stuff. A lot of stuff. It is difficult to convey the mind-bogglingly huge scale of this show. The entirety of the massive Las Vegas Convention Center is filled to the brim with more plywood and tents than a carnival inside of a Home Depot. It's everything - computers, smartphones, dumbphones, tablets, speakers, headphones, cars, refrigerators, TVs, ovens, and even - wait for it - sex toys.

Lucky for us, we get to hone our focus in on the whole 'Android' part, which makes our jobs a bit easier. But that's not to say it's an easy job - we're going to be busy the whole way through, whether that means bringing you press conference liveblogs, or running around the show floor getting hands-on time with all the shiny new toys we'll all be hearing about soon enough.

Because of that, like we pointed out last year, right now is probably a terrible time to make any kind of major tech investment. Wait for Wednesday, at least. We'll be posting so many product announcements that it'll have our collective heads spinning. There will be exciting new Android phones. There will be exciting new Android tablets. And no, we won't see the Galaxy S IV, or the next Nexus device. But trust me - there's going to be some cool shit.

So, kick back and wait for the next week to happen, and for us to bring you the news as it breaks. Here's our rough schedule of events (all times are PST) - Monday is definitely going to be the day you'll want to be around for if you're looking to get live product announcements. LG, AT&T, Huawei, Samsung, and Sony will all be doing their press conferences that day, so there's going to be an absolute slew of news. Be sure to get online Sunday night, too - we'll be liveblogging the NVIDIA press conference (widely expected to be the unveiling of Tegra 4) at 8PM PST.

Jan 6 Jan 7 Jan 8
Press Registration - all day
(we stand in a line)
CES Unveiled - 4PM
NVIDIA Press Conf - 8PM
LG Press Conf - 8AM
AT&T Dev Summit Conf - 9AM
Huawei Press Conf - 1PM
Samsung Press Conf - 2PM
Sony Press Conf - 5PM
CES Digital Experience - 7PM
Party time - 10pm
(yes, we schedule 'party time')
Meetings, meetings, meetings
for the next 2 days

Showstoppers - 6PM
Party time - 7PM

Aside from that, we've got hands-on meetings with a lot of other companies lined up to show you their newest products, and of course, we'll be scouring the LVCC for neat Android-relevant stuff that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks. It's going to be a crazy week of no sleep, lots of alcohol, and even more caffeine.

The overwhelming mixture of excitement, anxiety, and fear for my liver over the next week is best summed up by the following.


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