Update 2: Llama has been returned to the Play Store this morning as promised, listed as version 1.2012.12.29.1412. As for the pesky silent mode/vibrate bug? This version's changelog indicates that it is "hopefully fixed."

Update: It looks like KebabApps has pulled Llama from the Play Store while the developer sorts out "a pain-in-the-butt problem involving silent mode," in which the app can – for some users – switch what should be silent mode to vibrate mode. KebabApps, in a blog post, provides more information on the issue, along with a (hopefully) fixed download, which users are encouraged to test, and which will be uploaded to the Play Store "tomorrow morning."

Llama, an extremely popular location-based profiling app, was issued an "über üpdate" today, bringing a handful of big changes from a new UI to bug fixes.

For starters, Llama is now officially compatible with Jelly Bean. With that change, the app got a "semi-Holo" UI which, while not stringently close to the Holo we all know an love, is a step in the right direction (though Llama, like Tasker, could still due with some UI TLC). The interface is based around four familiar tabs – Areas, Events, Profiles, and Recent, and remains pretty straight-forward.

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Llama's update also brings event sharing, meaning users who have created location-based events can share them with others after only a single long-press on the event.

Users will also enjoy LlamaTone rate limiting, event delays based on seconds (rather than minutes), and a handful of new actions and conditions. Here's a full look at the change log:

What's in this version:

über üpdate!!! Bugs via EMAIL not comments, ta!
Known bug: vibrate mode may be silent
JellyBean support
Llama event sharing
Semi-Holo UI (Android 4+)
LlamaTone rate limiting (i.e stop gtalk constantly beeping)
Change list item limits (debug settings)
Event delays in seconds rather than minutes
Bug fixes
Intent can use 'extras'
Set Llama variable can increment/decrement
NFC tag
Mobile data enabled
Mobile data connected
Fat Llama? Go to website for smaller version

Whether you're already a fan of Llama or just want a great location-based method of automating your phone's settings, hit the widget below and grab version 1.2012.12.28.1222.

Llama - Location Profiles
Llama - Location Profiles
Developer: KebabApps
Price: Free

The app was not found in the store. :-(