Android phone management is a bit of a double-edged sword. And by that, I mean that the devices themselves are self-contained and self-managed. Whereas iOS devices require iTunes to transfer data and the like, Android can do those things without the need to be tethered to a PC. However, that comes at a cost. There's only so much that can be done on the device, and what can be done is sometimes cumbersome. To put it bluntly, sometimes a management solution on the PC is not only good to have, but clutch in taking care of business in a timely manner.


Enter Moborobo, a powerfully versatile management suite that does just that. You can think of it as iTunes for Android if you want – but, truth be told, it's actually much more than that. First off, Moborobo can be used with basically any Android device, and it can sync either via USB or over Wi-Fi. The latter's definitely convenient, as you don't have to hunt for a USB cable or keep one in your bag to manage your phone.

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Due to security restrictions in Windows 8, Moborobo isn't fully compatible with it at this time. The team is working on getting everything up-to-date, though.

Setup is basically a snap: enable USB debugging on your phone, fire up Moborobo on your PC, and choose the connection type. Everything else is basically automatic – if you opt to use USB, Moborobo will automatically install the correct drivers for your particular device when you plug it in. When using Wi-Fi, everything should sync up automatically (you'll need this app); with both options your phone will appear in the Home area of the software, along with a quick overview of free space and other pertinent information. 

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From there, you can manage things like contacts and messages, data stored locally on your phone with the built-in file manager, and music, videos, and images. The unique thing about Moborobo, though, is that it can also manage your apps – everything from uninstalling to updating. All from your computer!

Moborobo also takes advantage of rooted handsets by offering some advanced functionality, like the ability to uninstall system apps, remove caches files, and backup/restore app data. This creates an all-in-one management solution that can easily replace using multiple apps to fulfill the same function.

Remember earlier when I said Moborobo is a software suite? Well, get this – it also has its own app market, called the MoboMarket. The market apk is installed on the phone, and can then be seamlessly managed from the Moborobo PC client. The client will let you know when updates are available, and you can then push them directly to your phone. Bam – that's convenience.


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The MoboMarket isn't too shabby, either. It automatically detects apps that are currently installed on the device, and lets you update them directly from within the app. App discovery is also top-notch in the MoboMarket, as it breaks everything down into categories, which can then be sorted by community rank or new arrivals. Pretty slick.

All in all, there'a s lot to like about Moborobo's management suite – it's sleek and powerful, yet intuitive and functional. The addition of a dedicated Market just makes things even more seamless, creating a contained ecosystem that runs how you want it to. Oh, and the best part? It's all free.

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