Owners of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II have been patiently waiting for multi-window support on their enormous smartphones ever since launch, and just in time for an awkward after-Christmas present, the carrier has delivered. Today's over-the-air update brings software version JZO54K.I317UCALK7, Android 4.1.2, with the crucial addition of that useful desktop-style trick. T-Mobile Note II owners got the same treatment last week.

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If you're unfamiliar with Multi-Window, the new version that the Note II uses allows users to split the screen into two sections with fully-functional apps, which are no longer limited to TouchWiz (as on the the Note 10.1 tablet). To activate this feature, hold the back button, tap and hold an app in the menu, and drag it onto the screen. The update is coming in phases, but it should be pretty much nationwide at this point, so check your settings menu.

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There don't appear to be any other major changes in the update, ad there's no changelog from AT&T. Oh, and those of you rocking the original Note should be seeing this feature when the Jelly Bean update arrives... though there's no telling when that'll come from American carries.

XDA Developers - AT&T to release OTA update on Dec. 27 to enable Multi-Window on Note II

Settings photos taken and edited by XDA member Dr. Evo