Given Toshiba's track record with Android updates, I thought I'd never get to write this post. Alas, here it is – Android 4.1.1 is officially rolling out to the Excite 7.7. At first blush, it looks like Toshiba did a good job on this one. It actually uses the new "hybrid UI" (like on the Nexus 7), which leads to a much better experience on smaller slates like the 7.7.


The update clocks in at a cool 348MB, so be prepared to wait for just a bit to grab this Jelly Bean goodness. Past that, though, I see absolutely nothing to complain about – this update really does make a great tablet even better. Go get it!

Screenshot_2012-12-26-18-45-40 Screenshot_2012-12-26-18-46-28 Screenshot_2012-12-26-18-46-58