Ant Raid has been a long time coming for Android gamers. After the game received no small amount of notoriety on iOS, Herocraft has finally seen fit to release it to our fair platform, just in time for you to ignore your family over the holidays. Even better, they're discounting it for the launch, so you can pick it up for just a dollar at the moment.

The gameplay is somewhere between Starcraft and Pikmin. You control a continually respawning army of ants as they defend their colony from mutated snails, ravenous worms, and bees, which are pretty disagreeable at the best of times. You'll have to use your troops wisely to take out threats in the right order, or suffer bitter defeat.

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The standard game includes animated cutscenes for the story (which is apparently more than just "snails get mutated") and it's blessedly free of Woody Allen. The endless survival mode lets you measure up to the rest of the world in the leaderboards. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a multiplayer option at the moment.

Ant Raid
Ant Raid
Developer: HeroCraft Labs
Price: $1.99