Hourblast Games and 6waves, the publisher of such hits as Strikefleet Omega and OFFWORLD, have released Dueling Blades, a fantasy RPG that combines strategy elements with social networking. What makes this game stand out from the mass of other similar titles is its interesting combat system that's described as "simultaneous turn strategy."


Like the description suggests, the combat in Dueling Blades is turn-based, but the execution of the players' actions happens simultaneously. Additionally, when you add quick time events to the game's formula, you get fights that are an interesting mix of luck, skill, and reflexes. Although the idea is not completely original, Dueling Blades is the first mobile title that combines real-time and turn-based passage of time this way.

The game uses the Unity engine and features picturesque 3D characters and environments as well as a befitting soundtrack. Aside from playing through story mode, the players can also fight each other in the PvP arena. At the moment, there are seven available character classes to choose from. For better or worse, Dueling Blades is a free-to-play title. Although it doesn't exactly force the in-app-purchases down your throat, it does utilize the infamous energy system for completing quests to some degree, which will probably turn off a lot of people. Still, it is technically free, so it's worth a try.

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