Google has really gotten the stock Android keyboard spruced up in recent versions of the OS. Of course, it's still a limited experience lacking in the bells and whistles of some third-party solutions. Speaking of bells and whistles, the new Kii Keyboard has more tweaks and settings than you'll believe.

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Kii takes some of the most popular features from the established keyboards. It has swipe input like the Swype keyboard, word prediction like SwitfKey, and a split layout for tablets like you get in several other apps. Want Emoji? Kii has so much Emoji you'll [hamburger] your [football]. You can change up the font, color, key height, and even background images for the keyboard. Kii also has 8 built-in themes, with support for more themes built for Go Keyboard and others.


In practice, Kii works well – though the prediction isn't as clairvoyant as SwiftKey. If you dig the Stock keyboard but want more customization, Kii might be just what you need. This is a beta app, so it's free to use for now. I expect a paid version will be released at some later date.

The app was not found in the store. :-(

[Thanks, Scott]