Look, folks, today is the perfect day to watch a light-hearted video of a real-life fruit ninja chopping fruit, getting smacked in the face with bananas, avoiding bombs like the plague, all topped with adorable kittens flying by in slo-mo. In fact, any day is the perfect day to watch that, especially when it's accompanied by a Dubstep sound track. Still not convinced? Fine, I'll give you two more reasons. It's a Sunday before the laziest and least productive week of the year, and it's Christmas Eve Eve. Now we're on the same page.

The video is, of course, inspired by the good old classic Fruit Ninja that I would dare call iconic at this point (in the modern world, two years mark a whole generation). Like many of you, I lost numerous hours drawing invisible lines on my screen back in the day, and watching the hilariously overweight ninja's facial expressions put a smile on my face. And it will on yours, I guarantee it.