The hits just keep on coming. Today's delightfully twisted game is Battle Bears Royale and, just like it says on the box, this game features bears. That battle each other. With sniper rifles, machine guns, and cactuses. If you've ever played Team Fortress 2,  you'll feel right at home (though it's hard to seriously say the quality is as high as the Valve game, but what is?) with the class system.

There are seven classes of Battle Bears. Everything from the Soldier to the Heavy, Sniper to the Engineer, and one simple called "Huggable." Though that may be a bit of a misnomer, as his arms are chainsaws. I mean, you can try it if you want, but I'm betting money you'll regret getting too close to this guy.

battlebears1 battlebears2 battlebears3

Again, much like TF2, the game is currently free to play, though there is no shortage of in-app purchases to acquire items, customizations, or hat-...wait, there aren't hats? How can you have a Team Fortress 2 clone without hats?! Oh well. In any case, if you're gonna play, you may want to start sooner rather than later, as the developer is currently running a sale on some of the in-game items. So, have at it!

Battle Bears Royale
Battle Bears Royale
Developer: SkyVu Inc.
Price: To be announced