Bringing its already-popular (on iOS) reimagining of the Atari classic to Android, Activision released Pitfall! to the Play Store today. For those who haven't seen or played the newly conceptualized Pitfall, it shares very little with the original – you'll still be dodging snakes, swinging on ropes, and jump over impossible pitfalls, but this time you'll be playing an "endless-runner" a la Temple Run. Unlike Temple Run, however, Pitfall's protagonist (Pitfall Harry) uses a whip to defeat whatever wild foes happen to be in his way. Harry will also find himself riding various vehicles and running through plenty of dynamic environments.

The game, perhaps in an effort to appeal to fans of the original and new players alike, is coated with a visual style that looks like a mix between retro 8-bit art and three-dimensional graphics. As for actual gameplay, Pitfall! is played using swipe and tilt controls, which will feel familiar to players of that other endless running game. Players can, of course, collect loot in each run, using it to buy powerups, new outfits, and the like.

Pitfall! also features some nice social integration, allowing players to compete with friends via Twitter or Facebook.

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Whether you're a fan of the original or just like endless running games, Activision's Pitfall! rework is definitely worth checking out. It's free from the play store, so just hit the widget below.

Price: Free+