Wild Blood, the game that challenges players to "live the unforgettable journey of Sir Lancelot" (in a universe where Lancelot incurs King Arthur's wrath by having an affair with Queen Guinevere, leading to the introduction of hellish demons to Earth), got our stamp of approval in October as a great game for "mindlessly slicing monsters to death," but it may have been a hard purchase to justify for some players at a cost of $6.99.

If you weren't able to stomach the price at launch, though, there's some good news – Gameloft has cut the price of Wild Blood down to a mere $0.99.


If you were holding out on Wild Blood because of its price, this sale (which lasts for an unspecified "limited time") makes the game an instant buy. If you haven't already, just hit the widget below to grab the game and begin your quest to slay the mad Arthur, free the world from demons, and save Guinevere.

Wild Blood
Wild Blood
Developer: Gameloft SE
Price: $6.99+