Ever since Flipboard hit the scene, there's been a constant outcry for a tablet-optimized version. Guess what? It's here. So, now you can look at Flipboard on your tablet and it will look better than it did before (if you could even install it in the first place). And that's a good thing.

Screenshot_2012-12-20-09-47-22 Screenshot_2012-12-20-09-45-39 Screenshot_2012-12-20-09-47-46

As you can see, this new tablet-optimized interface looks similar to the phone version, except... different. It makes good use of the added screen real estate, with more info on each page. You'll probably also notice one major difference: it flips from right to left – like a book – on tablets, as opposed to from bottom to top like on phones. I find this motion far more natural, so I'm glad they went with that change.

There are various other tweaks and bugfixes throughout, as well – but the meat and potatoes are what you see. It's Flipboard, on tablets.

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