It's been five months since the Nexus 7 went on sale, and just about as long since eager Android fans have been waiting to get their hands on official accessories. We've seen the first-party Asus dock show up time and again in various overseas web stores, but never actually go on sale. The wait might soon be over, at least for US residents: B&H Photo & Video has put up an online pre-order for the Pogo Pin dock for $39.99.

n7 dock big

Don't start stuffing those stockings yet, Nexus 7 owners. There's no indication of when sales will actually begin, and we've been denied this particular dock many times before. It's possible that the ASUS dock will hit the Play Store before shipping from any third party, pre-order or not. But if you've been waiting so long that you're screaming "shut up and take my money", well, now you've got someone to give it to.

Update: The listing was updated with a tentative December 30th availability date.

B&H - ASUS Dock For Nexus 7 (Black)

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