In a somewhat disappointing turn of events, Adobe has just announced (following their disappearance from the Play Store) an end to development for all their touch apps on Android except Photoshop Touch (Ideas is still alive for iOS users), meaning Adobe has essentially killed their Kuler, Ideas, Debut, Proto, and Collage apps for Android.

In a post to the Creative Cloud Team Blog, Adobe explains that while some of their efforts in "exploring how the creative process can be augmented and enhanced on touch devices" have been successful, others "have been less so." It is for that reason the team is ceasing active development for the apps.

The statement notes that users who already have the apps installed can keep using them, but as some users have noted, the apps are no longer available for download from the Play Store. Here's the full statement.

Over the past year, we’ve been exploring how the creative process can be augmented and enhanced on touch devices. While some of our efforts have been successful, others have been less so. Therefore, starting today, we will no longer be updating Adobe Debut, Adobe Collage, Adobe Proto, or the Android versions of Adobe Ideas and Adobe Kuler.

If you have these apps installed on your iPad or Android tablet you can continue using them, but we will not be providing bug fixes or updates. We will continue to provide support in our forums, so if you have questions you can reach us there or contact Adobe Customer Care.

We will keep supporting and developing our other Adobe Touch Apps and exploring other ways to enhance creative workflows on tablets.

The apps launched just over a year ago, and whether a lack of interest or a prohibitive price contributed to Adobe's decision remains to be seen. Any way you cut it, it's always sad to see such ambitious (and arguably very useful) software get cut from the Play Store's collection. For the original post, hit the link below.

Thanks Zach and Steven!

Source: Adobe