The Yelp app for Android has been updated to version 3.7, and brings some much-needed action bar love to everyone's favorite restaurant and other place-finding service... thing. Except they sort of botched it a little bit - with a big, fat ugly gray bar at the bottom of the map and result list UI that decreases the amount of visible content. Lovely.

Screenshot_2012-12-19-12-00-40 Screenshot_2012-12-19-12-00-47 Screenshot_2012-12-19-12-00-54

On the upside, now you have a 3-dot menu button, and the standard action bar back button, too. This update adds support for Yelp Talk, as well, which is Yelp's local chat thing. My local chat buddies had all sorts of interesting things to say, so much that I think they deserve their very own jumbo screenshot:


Look at all that intelligent discussion. About ass.

There's also some Christmas theming in the app, too. Hit up the Play Store link to get it now.