If you needed any clearer indication that Samsung basically owns the Android world while HTC and Motorola are in trouble, maybe this will help. According to Millenial Media, a mobile advertising firm, ad impressions on its platform from Samsung handsets shot up from 23% to 46% in the last year. Meanwhile, HTC plummeted from 32% to 16%, while Moto dropped from 22% to 11%. This is a massive change.


Now, before we go getting bent out of shape over this, let's clarify a couple things. First off, this is coming from ad impressions. What that means is that it has no tangible relationship to units sold or profits made by a company. Only an incidental relationship. Not every Samsung device, for example, will display Millennial ads, but all Millennial ads have to be shown on some device. And the ones that do are increasingly Samsung-built.

It's also worth pointing out that ad impressions are best viewed as a sign of a trend, not hard figures. We can't draw the conclusion that Samsung sold twice as many phones this year as last, but we can conclude that they sold a whole lot more, while HTC usage, as a percentage, has dropped. Same for Motorola. It's possible the latter two sold the exact same number of phones this year as last, but with Samsung increasing shipments, that means their overall percentage of the market will drop.

Ultimately, while it may not be bad news for HTC's bottom line, necessarily (and Motorola is at least financially solvent as long as Google owns it), the Android world is quickly becoming the Samsung world. Of course, we're still waiting to see what will happen with Moto once the new management has its way with the company, and HTC has been making some promises for its devices that still might come to fruition (since, after all, it takes about 12-18 months for any real changes to be seen in the market). Still, Sammy's doing a lot of stuff very right as far as consumers are concerned.

What do you think, though? Are you okay with Samsung running the Android OEM world?

Source: Millennial Media