We all have that one friend – you know the one. Always running a little late, and everyone has to wait for him or her to show up. Well, now that Twist is on Android, you can find out in real time how much longer you're going to be standing around. It's like putting one of those radio tracker animal collars on your friends.

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Twist uses GPS and cell tower location to accurately determine how long it will take you to arrive at an appointment. You can share that information automatically with your friends so they know when to expect you. Your ETA is only made available to the people you explicitly select, and only for a single destination. The app also knows if you're walking, driving, or taking public transit.

This is a great alternative to the hurried "almost there" text message, and the process happens automatically without your continued monitoring. The app looks fairly clean and bug free too. Twist has some Holo UI elements, but parts of it do still have an iOS vibe. Compatibility is currently limited, so don't get your hopes up.

The app was not found in the store. :-(